In need of a 3d maths library…

Posted by admin on February 8, 2014

Reason for needing one?

OpenGL’s Matrix Stack functionality was deprecated as of version 3.0′s core profile, though they can still be used via the compatibility profile {I would still rather stick with the new}. This functionality was deprecated as real world required access to manipulate these outside of the API.

Allows more flexibility within the programmable shaders.


Write one myself?

Grab one?

Rip one?

OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) at seems to be the 3D maths library I will be going forward with. From what I can see so far its a very solid library, though there is dispute to if this is the most optimal C++ maths library, this is not a concern.

The project requires a

as GLM is based on GLSL specification, it should make porting algorithms between CPU and GPU very painless.

GLM is still very much alive.